Back On! A New Year is Upon Us!

A new year is almost here and I’m so motivated to change…heart change I pray!


What to do When you Fall off Your Goals? Move On.

Well, as I said before I’ve been off the vegan. Saturday night after a large consumption of diary I ended up getting pretty sick with a head cold, sinus, and tiredness! I haven’t exercised in nearly a week and I’ve again lost my motivation, desire, and drive for all of this.


Well, from a Christian stand point I think it’s really easy to get discouraged and allow your flesh to control. In my flesh I want my old routine, my bad habits, and bad food to console me. I think there can be change, but it takes time. Also true, if your heart is truly changed, it will play out in your life. So, I see that I don’t have true heart change when it comes to 1. not loving food 2. laziness

It’s hard to not get discouraged because I was feeling great and getting healthy! Now, I feel as if I’m back to square one. However, God’s word says to keep on looking forward and to forget the past! I must learn from my mistakes and move on.


This week has been tough. My beginning days were so strong in the Lord and now I am not leaning on Him as I should. When I don’t, I start to struggle. I’ve given into milk and meat the past few days and have been not eating super well. Why?Life is busy. Is that an excuse? Perhaps..but there is some truth in that statement. I’ve been eating pretty well overall, just not 100% vegan. As I go throughout my day I think to myself, “I’m so doing so great, eating so healthy, a little of this or not won’t hurt.” I don’t feel bad or like I’m giving into food by eating a healthy whole grain bread chicken sandwich or 1/2 an ice cream bar. Yet, I’m torn because I want to give those things up yet wonder if I should not go 100% cut off from those things. It’s a hard balance….

I am nearing giving up on keeping with 30 days because I’ve been failing at keeping it strictly vegan.

I also have noticed I want to be skinnier and am getting a little obsessive about it. I guess this really shows my heart, yet I am battling not thinking those things.

So, today is a rough day. Do I give up certain foods altogether to be healthier? Or do I not?

I think I am in need of much prayer.

Day 15 Accountability

Breakfast: 2 pc. of peanut butter & jam toast
Lunch: Rye walnut & raisin bread with iced vanilla coffee (gave into the milk here because they had no soy, and I succumbed to the temptation of coffee!!!!)
Dinner: Homemade vegan minestrone soup with baguette bread
Water: 3 cups
Exercise: Walking and 10 minute cardio

Wednesdays and Thursday are thee most busy days!! It’s no good when I can’t get more raw foods in, but hey! Tomorrow is a new day!

Work-out and today’s accountability

Found a good 7 day work-out series! Day 1 was good!

Today I ate:

1 bowl of bran flakes with soy and 1 pc. whole wheat toast w/ strawberry jam for breakfast

1 small bowl of rice and vegetarian Indian food with small bowl of berry raw sorbet for lunch

Dinner I ate 1 bowl of salad with cucumbers, carrots, sprouts with romaine topped with vegan chicken and sunflower seeds. 1 cup of baked sliced potatoes with ketchup and fresh green beans.

Dessert I had 1 vegan lemon cookie (Baked a batch, but weren’t too good…)

Handful of cashew nuts for snacking today

6 cups of water~

Day 14

The past four days I’ve ate diary and meat! I will admit it. Yes, I’ve broken the vegan- but I don’t feel terribly bad about it because a.) a little protein from meat never hurt anyone and b.) it was my husband birthday, and I couldn’t resit the wonderful cake I made him!

However today, I’m getting back on the vegan because I miss it for two main reasons, 1.) I feel great 2.) I’m forming new habits!

So here’s to a new day, with no regrets…….

Ugh..Day 11

It’s Saturday morning and I feel “hung-over” from food. Haha! If that makes sense…Last night was my husband’s birthday and I granted his wish of his favorite cake. I didn’t feel the great need to say no to it, because I ate it without sinning in my heart. However, this morning I can feel the affects of eating not the best. I feel tired and my eyes heavy. To touch on the subject of my eyes real quick, they always feel tired, are a little yellow, and never feel fully alive or bright. I wonder why? Something I’d like to look into more as well….

Anywho, I did some exercise today and plan to drink a lot of water tonight and eat a good healthy dinner. I still don’t feel bad about eating it and it’s exciting though because I’m thinking…

1. Vegan/vegetarian is so for me. Yet, when special occasions arise, I feel it’s okay to indulge and enjoy.

2. Even after I eat non-healthy things, yet I can feel the effects physically, I don’t feel bad in my heart towards it. I’m loving this new balance of change and holding onto to new habits.

3. I see a change in my body. I feel a bit slimmer, therefore I can fit into clothes better and I feel beautiful for my husband and for myself!

Tomorrow is Sunday, day 11 and I’m so excited for another week of getting healthier!

Day 7, 8, 9 Recap/Update


I’ve been very busy to write an update- so here it goes. Tomorrow will be day 10! Though I have had a small amount diary, I’ve been going strong. A shift is taking place..change is happening…praise the Lord!

Anywho, I’ve been feeling overall pretty good. Sometimes during the day I feel a slight light-headed or really hungry. I would have thought by now I’d be feeling great, but perhaps it takes time.

I’ve been eating more raw veggies and tastes so great. Exercise has been okay, better than normal.

Tomorrow is my husband’s bday and I think I may splurge on his cake a bit..gotta enjoy a birthday cake!! 🙂

Day 6-

Calvin loves when I eat raw..he gets all the scraps and is one very happy bun! 🙂

Today was a blessed day. I am thankful. I woke up thinking..”today is the day, the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!” I really wanted to push myself today and have a full day of good habits and newness. I had a great quiet time with the Lord and that really started my day off awesomely. Afterwards, I made vegan french toast and had an amazing smoothie for my RUN! Well…walk more rather. I went for 15 minutes and it was much needed! I also did some stretching, arm work out, and thighs. My body felt like, “Why haven’t you been treating me like this before?!!” So working out today was great and I’m thankful I had the motivation actually today!

Lunch- Vegan whole-wheat all-natural lamen
Dinner-Chickpea meatballs in whole wheat spaghetti
Water intake: good
Exercise: moderate
Dessert-1 strawberry gelato and 3 cups of ice cream! Eek! I gave into the dairy today. It’s a hard place to say NO because 1. I don’t want to waste the food and 2. My husband bought me a little gelato ice cream stick for dessert to enjoy with him and it was hard to say no to that too…
Also I was doing major amounts of math homework and snacking felt right. I should have turned to prayer, but I gave into cravings. I had 3 cups of yogurt…again, it’s hard to see a gift of food being wasted. After eating it I got a headache instantly…again, because of the yogurt? I need to do some research.

Well, tomorrow is a new day and I’m still going to go strong on vegan for 30 days!!!

Oh yeah, and I got up on time today! I woke at 9:00 am…pretty good for me. I hope to get up earlier, around 8:00 but 9 is a good start!!

Goals for tomorrow:
-High intake of raw foods
-100% vegan
-Exercise again